With so many benefits, it’s easy to understand why manufacturing companies of various industries rely on the injection blow molding process. The best equipment produces superior quality injection blow molding products. Some examples include jars for baby food and peanut butter, bottles for water and soda, and containers for biological samples.
When using state-of-the-art injection blow molding machinery, you’ll experience very few problems. However, it’s still possible to end up with a defective product.
Injection Blow Molding

Producing Stellar Injection Blow Molding Products

1. Flash

One of the most common defects associated with injection blow molding is flash. This consists of a small flap of thin plastic material that remains on the edges of a finished product. Typically, this occurs when the material ends up on the outside of the mold where it solidifies.

2. Flow Lines

The problem with flow lines is that they stand out from other areas. Usually, these appear near the gate points. As with flash, this defect doesn’t alter the functionality of your injection blow molding products, but it does take away from their appearance.

3. Warping

If different areas of your injection blow molding products cool and solidify unevenly, warping can occur. To prevent this from happening, gradually cool the products to eliminate stress on the material.

4. Discoloration

Another defect is discoloration, which can even happen when using the best injection blow molding machinery. Obviously, you want your finished products to have a uniform color, void of any streaks. Again, this doesn’t alter functionality, only appearance.

5. Air Pockets

Air pockets can also form when using injection blow molding machinery. When bubbles become trapped in a finished product, not only do they alter appearance but they can also weaken the product.

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