The prices of materials are going up all the time, and it is likely that they will keep going up. That means that if you work with the blow molding process, then you need to try to reduce your costs as best as you can. Look for as many chances as you can find to try to reduce the costs of material. The good news is that there are many ways that you can save material when working with an extrusion blow molding machine.

extrusion blow molding machine

Offering the Right Training

It is critical for you to offer your material handlers training on the right way of calibrating your feeding systems. Let them know how they should deal with the regrind as well. You could add a reference so your operators can determine if the length of the parison is correct. You do not want it to be so long that it wastes the material.

If the parison is not the correct length, some operators do not spend enough time ensuring that it is of the correct length. It takes some learning to figure out how to get the parisons to all be the same length. To make the adjustments, it is necessary to stop the extrusion blow molding machinery. However, let them know how you would like them to deal with the parison.

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