As the price of materials spikes, blow molding companies are looking for ways to reduce their costs. Many managers may not be aware of the advantages of extrusion blow molding. Compared to injection molding, extrusion blow molding offers unique opportunities to save valuable materials.

About Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM)

Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine

In the EBM process, the machine extrudes plastic pellets into a parison, which is a hollow tube. The plastic leaves the head though a female die and a male pin. Then the machine clamps the parison between the halves of the mold, and a blow needle sends air in. That forces the parison to the mold walls where it solidifies into the right shape. The top and bottom of the container have a flash, which is extra material that the machine trims, grinds, and sends back to the extruder. The reused material is the regrind.

Sometimes, you do not always have a consistent level of regrind. Operators may increase the regrind percentage of the extrusion blow molding machine to get rid of the excess. But this can make your parisons longer and wider, which may change the position of vital program points.

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