Manufacturing consists of multiple things, including design, development, and testing. Manufacturing companies that make products for the beverage industry must perform leak testing on bottles. Through this testing, they can guarantee that, even under pressure, the bottles will function perfectly.
leak testing bottles

Although every type of leak detector equipment works somewhat differently, they all share the same goal of identifying flaws that could compromise the quality of the product. Along with the previously mentioned CVIM equipment, there are others that perform differential pressure, vacuum decay, and pressure decay leak tests. You can select from a host of standard products or work with a company capable of customizing a solution specifically for your beverage company.
Regardless of the type of detection equipment you select or what a manufacturer uses, it is imperative to complete plastic bottle leak testing. With this industry facing fierce competition, all it takes is for one mistake to lead to devastating consequences. A quality machine used in conjunction with the right leak testing equipment gives your company a competitive edge.
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