When it comes to blow molding equipment, it is essential that you work with a manufacturing company that can help you choose the appropriate machine for your specific needs. After all, the blow molding process creates a multitude of products, ranging from water bottles to recyclable plastic furniture.
For example, if your company manufactures plastic bottles for water, soda, sports drinks, household cleaners, milk, and so on, then you need a top-of-the-line bottle blowing machine. You would choose the equipment based on the products that you make and the materials you use. Fortunately, reputable plastic extrusion equipment manufacturers offer excellent assistance as part of the selection and buying process.

For all machines used for blow molding, you need to look for specific features. Following are a few examples of those:

  • Heavy duty solid construction
  • High impact resistance containers
  • High quality screw and barrel composition
  • Multi-cavities molding in a single cycle with maximum quality consistency
  • Easily controlled wall thickness for the containers
  • High precision threads on bottle opening
  • Adjustable angled blow pins and extruder platform
  • Reduced power consumption for energy saving and product cost reduction
  • Self-diagnostic feature with error message displayed on screen
Some additional factors to consider:
  • Mold – You need a high-quality mold in the desired shape and size according to the product manufactured. Also, the mold should have several inlets and outlets that work in an oscillating cooling pattern. Otherwise, you could have issues with reproducing surface texture.
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