5 Things You Need to Know:
Before purchasing an injection blow molding machinery, there are five things that you need to know. For example, you should be aware of the similarities and difference between stretch blow molding and injection blow molding. Also, you should learn about the blow molding process so that you choose the appropriate machine based on the required finished product and production goals.
  1. Plastic Injection Molding Process — To purchase the right machine, it helps to understand the process involved for both stretch blow molding and injection blow molding. While manufacturers use the injection molding process to produce hollow plastic bottles and containers in large quantities, stretch blow molding consists of manufacturing high clarity and high-quality bottles.
  2. Reputable Source — Because there are differences between the two blow molding methods, the best machine manufacturer has extensive knowledge of and superior engineering capabilities in producing both Injection Blow Molding machinery (IBM) and Stretch Blow Molding machinery (SBM).
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