Thanks to plastic injection blow molding (IBM), manufacturers can make billions of plastic containers every year. With incredible versatility and optimum precision, multiple industries rely on this process for their products. To better understand just how vital this process is, consider some of the benefits of IBM listed below.


  • High Product Volume – The plastic injection blow molding process can produce a smaller number of plastic containers. However, one of its main advantages is that it handles high volume production. Even if you need to have hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of replicated plastic containers made, a top manufacturer can meet your demands regardless of your industry.
  • Tight Tolerances – Achieving a tight tolerance, which is +/- .005 inches, is imperative for a vast number of industries. If the manufacturing company does not produce the correct plastic containers, the product could underperform or fail. As imagined, that would put the customer’s reputation on the line. The great thing about plastic injection blow molding is that it ideal for making containers with tight tolerances. Ultimately, that ensures a safer and higher-performing product.
  • Reduced Scrap Material – Today, a growing number of industries make eco-friendly decisions. Because injection blow molding does not waste as much material as other processes, it has become a preferred method. In fact, many of the best manufacturers recycle waste material whenever possible. Not only is there limited waste, but there is also no scrap, no trimming, and very little auxiliary equipment required.
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