If you are relying on a blow molding machine for your business and a part wears down or breaks, it is essential to replace it with something of superior quality. Unless parts work correctly, you can expect a compromise on the machine’s operation and the quality of the finished product. The price you pay for a machine part depends on several factors. For instance, parts having to do with stretch blow molding are typically more expensive due to the increased complexity of the stretch blow molding machine.
The stretch blow molding process gets used for producing PET bottles such as those for water, juice, sports drinks, and more. In this case, a stretch blow molding machine stretches the preform in both the axial and hoop direction. Not only does that result in a unique shaped product, but also, by stretching the material bi-axially, tensile strength increases, and clarity, drop impact, and barrier properties improve.
Additional Pricing Information
  • Supplier - The supplier from which you purchase parts matters. A reputable company works to stay ahead of the competition, and therefore, keeps its pricing affordable without sacrificing quality. Also, when buying parts in bulk, there is traditionally even more cost savings. It is to your advantage to select a trusted and respected parts supplier.
  • Resin Material - Another factor the significantly influences the price of parts is the resin material used. The least expensive options are polypropylene (PP) and low- and high-density polyethylene (HDPE and LDPE).
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