Watch Video: Leak Testing Bottles
The majority of the bottles that are produced are on high speed blow molders. Some of the most common bottles are for juices, carbonated soft drinks, water, energy drinks, dressings, sauces, oils, cleaners and many more. In order to ensure the quality of these products leak testing is performed to check that each bottle will seal and holds pressure. Bottles that leak get rejected automatically as defective. The goal of using a leak test procedure for bottles is to ensure that the customer and ultimately the end-user do not end up with a substandard product.
Companies that test for bottle leaks use different types of equipment. For instance, there is bottle leak detection equipment that can check all kinds of beverage bottles, even those with more complex shapes. Also, some testing equipment has a faster process than others. If you have interest in buying this type of equipment, it is essential that you work with the right company, one that will determine your exact needs and then recommend the appropriate testing solution.
For blow molding manufacturers that make plastic bottles for beverages, food, cleaners, and cooking oils as well as all kinds of containers, Leak testing bottles guarantees the product’s integrity. Most of these products, especially PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate – a thermoplastic polymer resin) bottles and containers, get manufactured using high-volume and fast blow molding machinery. Because of that, manufacturing companies must have appropriate quality control checks in place.
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